Systems, a.s.

Adast Systems, a.s. is a customer-oriented Czech company focused on the development, production and supply of technologies for pumping, measuring and dispensing of liquid and gaseous fuels. An important part of the production program is also accessories for filling stations, such as inflators, vacuum cleaners and flame arresters. Traditional production from Adamov has been presented on the international market under the ADAST brand since 1862.


Received awards, certificates and diplomas

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AMPER 2019

Stacja Paliw 2018


Stacja paliv 2017

Stacja Paliw 2016

Stacja Paliw 2015

XXI International exhibition "Stacja Paliw" 2014

XX. International exhibition "Stacja Paliw" 2013 in Warsaw

XIX International exhibition "Stacja Paliw" 2012 in Warsaw

18th international fair AUTOCOMPLEX 2011 in Moscow

Product of the year 2011 - Stacja paliw 2011

Diploma for presentation of ADAST product at "AZK" 2011 Ukraine

AUTOTEC PRIX 2010 - Autotec 2010

Product of the year 2010 - Stacja paliw 2010

The most significant achievement of 2009 - PETROLawards

The best product - STACJA PALIW 2009

15th year of the fair Stacja Paliw 2008 Warsaw

14th International PetrolStation Fair 2007 Warsaw

9th International Specialized Exhibition 2007

Excellent design 2007

Diploma for long-term cooperation

Medal for participation in the exhibition in 1998 AUTOZAPRAVNIJ KOMPLEX

39th International Engineering Fair 1997

International trade fair Autoprogress



Business processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 in Directive 94/9 / EC -ATEX, Directive 97/23 / EC - PED, Directive 2004/22 / EC -MID for the development, manufacture, inspection and testing of dispensers of liquid fuels, LPG, CNG, AdBlue®, compact LPG filling stations and compact AdBlue® filling station.


History of the company

2500 years BC.

Neolithic blacksmith in the nearby Býčí skála cave.


8th - 9th cent.

The processing of iron ore continued during the time of the Great Moravian Empire and is evidenced by extensive finds of Slavic metallurgy.


18th and 19th cent.

Liechtenstein supports the construction of blast furnaces.



The ironworks in nearby Josefov was closed down and a small engineering company located in Adamov was established.



The production of the very first car in the whole of Austria-Hungary, which can still be seen in the Vienna museum.



The historical roots of Adast Systems' current production program.


1960s to 1980s

The ADAST brand achieved a dominant position in the market of the then Comecon (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) in the commodity of petrol and diesel dispensers.



The change in the economic environment and the strong competitive pressure have triggered the need to innovate the product range, especially in terms of ecology and the use of electronics.


Early 90's

Expansion in the gas station construction industry.


In the period from 1991, our company participated in the construction and reconstruction of more than 1,900 fuel stations in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


The modern history of the company started when ADAST - SYSTEMS a.s. was established as a subsidiary of the company Adamovské strojírny a.s.


The change of owners of ADAST-SYSTEMS a.s. brought with it a change of the company name to ADAMOV-SYSTEMS, a.s.