Fuel dispensers

The V-line Minor meets current and future demands for installation, ease of operation and maintenance, economical operation and operational reliability in standard and extreme climatic conditions. This dispenser is designed to dispense liquid fuels - gasoline, diesel, biodiesel B 10 to B 100 - diesel-FAME blends and gasoline-ethanol blends (E 10 to E 85).

Main advantages

  • Integrated hydraulic unit
  • Electronic control unit ADP1/L with single-chip microcontroller for controlling all functions of the dispenser
  • ATC system - automatic thermal compensation
  • Proportional valve for precise flow control from 2 to 80 l/min
  • Piston meter with integrated intelligent transmitter
  • Noble materials with high durability and low maintenance
  • Ergonomic fit of the dispensing gun

Variant equipment

Safety tear-off couplings, sight glass, dispensing gun, dispensing hose, single-sided design, electronic volume and price preselection, ATC system for all media, electromechanical totalizer, flow adjustment button 40/80 l/min for diesel, vapor extraction system, signal light, electronics housing heating, vacuum gauge, electronics power switch, electronic counter ADP 1/T, communication standard IFSF - LON - FTT-10 or TCP/IP - Eternet.


dispensing stand V-line 8991.6x3 8997.6x3 8991.6x4 6997.6x4
Maximum flow rate
40 l/min YES NO YES NO
60 l/min YES NO YES NO
70 l/min NO YES NO YES
80 l/min NO YES NO YES
Maximum operating pressure (MPa) 0,22 0,25 0,22 0,25
Minimum operating pressure (MPa) 0,12 0,19 0.12 0,19

Number of products: 

dimensions (L x W x H):  510 x 410 x 1400 mm

Reach of the dispensing hose: 4 to 6 m

Dispensing accuracy: ± 0,2 %