Important parts of the security protection of filling stations are protective anti-explosive units.

The Adast Systems company produces and tests these arresters as well as permanently developing and improving them on the basis of experiences acquired from own practical operation.

Arresters ADAST represent the safety protection of technological equipment serving for the storage, distribution, transport and processing of flammable gases and evaporations classified into the group of explosion IIA and a part of the assortment into the group IIB, IIB3 (anti-explosive detonation protection units). The main task of the protective arresters is to prevent the transfer of the flame to the protected parts of the equipment. According to the character of the safety protection, the construction is designed against deflagration or detonation.

The safe construction uses a strip made from stainless steel situated inside. The range of operating temperature from -30 to 60 °C enables the wide use of these arresters in terms of security of critical technologies at filling stations. ADAST explosion-proof arresters not only meet the demanding requirements of ČSN EN 12874, but are also certified by the notified authority CE 1026 -AO 210 FTZÚ, s.p., Ostrava-Radvanice according to the directive 94/9/EC ATEX.

Explosion-proof arresters are one of the important components of petrol station safety protection. The law mandates their annual review. Adast Systems carries out ADAST arresters inspections with its trained technicians.


A float controller is a device used to signal the minimum height, maximum height and emergency level of liquids in storage and service tanks, in the case of automatic control of the pumping equipment depending on the level in the tank.

The float controller is designed for hazardous areas - equipment group II, category 2 (1) G, explosion group IIA, temperature class T3.

The float actuator can be used for liquids - flammable, hazard class IV to I according to ČSN 650201 with viscosity up to 1500 mm2.s-1.